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Our Mission

The Jefferson County Republican Party stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

We believe in limited, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, religious freedom, personal responsibility, and parental rights. 

We advocate for the common-sense conservative solutions that lead to economic prosperity and maximize freedom for all Floridians – and Americans.

We will work tirelessly to promote the liberty and justice our founding fathers fought for.

Will you fight with us?

ChairMan's Message

Dear Republicans,

This election year, our efforts in every corner of our county are critical. These communities represent the heart of Jefferson County and embody the values we hold dear—hard work, independence, and community strength.

Let’s unite to ensure our message resonates deeply within these areas. We must engage directly with our neighbors, listening to their concerns and sharing our solutions to strengthen our local economy, preserve our way of life, and secure a brighter future for all.

Your dedication is crucial. Volunteer, organize, and mobilize your networks to support our candidates who understand the unique challenges facing our rural area. Together, we will ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our party and our shared principles. Let’s work tirelessly to secure Republican victories in August and November and uphold the values that make Jefferson County exceptional.


B. Glen Bishop


Executive Board

Benjamin "Glen" Bishop



Bob Davison

Vice Chairman

Donna Stevens


Jessica Gramling


Steve Rissman

State Committee Man

Susan Rissman

State Committee Woman

Keep Jefferson County Great

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Upcoming Events

REC Meetings

The Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Chamber of Commerce located at 420 W. Washington Street in Monticello, Fl at 6 PM.

Early Voting

Presidential Preference Primary – March 9, 2024 – March 16, 2024
Primary Election – August 5, 2024 – August 17, 2024
General Election – October 21, 2024 – November 2, 2024

Election Dates

Presidential Preference Primary – March 19, 2024
Primary Election – August 20, 2024
General Election – November 5, 2024

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